SEVENTEEN ‘The honor of collaborating with Apple for the first time in K-Pop Excited and trembling.’

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Group Seventeen shared their feelings about collaborating with Apple.

On the afternoon of the 7th, a press conference was held to introduce a new collaboration project between Apple and global artist Seventeen at Apple Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.

Seventeen, who made the first K-pop collaboration with Apple, said about this project, “To commemorate the release of the first English single ‘Darl+ing’, which will be released on the 15th, the Music Lab Seventeen Remix, where CARATs can creatively collaborate on our music. “This is a 60-minute session in the Apple store where you can use the Garage Band app through an Apple machine to recombine Seventeen’s new songs according to your taste. You will be well acquainted with our creations. You will be able to remix new tracks to your liking.”

When asked about their feelings about collaborating with Apple, he said, “It is an honor to collaborate with a global company called Apple, and I think it will be a fun experience to be able to recompose our music to our liking through Garage Band. I heard that it was the first K-pop to participate in this session with a song called “It’s an honor.” We put a lot of effort into making sure you have a great experience using the app. I am happy and excited to be able to share a lot of the production process with Seventeen’s style.”

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