October’s top spot is “SAO” Anime is also popular “Isekai Shokudo” “Naro-Kei”

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The October light novel sales ranking of the famous bookstore “Shosen Book Tower” in Akihabara, Tokyo was announced, and the first place was the 26th volume of “Sword Art Online (SAO)” (Dengeki Bunko), which is also popular with anime.

The 6th volume of “Isekai Shokudo” (Hero Bunko) is being broadcast in the 2nd period of TV animation. The 3rd place is “I am the unscrupulous lord of the interstellar nation,” born from the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist.” !” (Overlap Bunko). Volume 4 was ranked in. Volume 1 of “Queen’s Pride” from J Publishing’s new label “Royal Kiss DX” came in 10th place.

Shosen Ranobe Ranking October

  1. Sword Art Online 26
  2. different world cafeteria 6
  3. I am the evil lord of the interstellar nation! Four
  4. Welcome to the classroom of the supremacy of ability, 2nd grade 5
  5. lonely different world capture 8
  6. Ideal string life 14
  7. a leisurely farmer in another world 11
  8. Beekeeper and honey pharmacist’s bride
  9. Her childhood friend who trained with the sword was her slave, so I decided to buy her and protect her as an S rank adventurer
  10. Queen’s pride 1
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