6 K-Pop Idols Who Are Now Successful Actresses in China

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You KPopers know if there are lots of K-Pop idols from outside South Korea and idols from China being one of the most dominant.

After the public widely knew their name as K-Pop idols, they focused on working in their home country. One of the big reasons why this happened was because their contract period with the agency had expired.

For example, the following 6 K-Pop idols are from China. They are successful singers and actresses at this time. Curious anyone? Let’s check this out.

  1. Victoria Song

The image of Victoria as the leader of one of the hit girl groups from SM Entertainment, namely f(x), is very attached to fans’ memories. He officially debuted as a K-Pop idol on September 5, 2009. Then formally left in 2019.

The contract period has expired, Victoria spread her wings in acting and debuted in her home country. Now Victoria has become one of the famous actresses in China and has starred in dozens of dramas.

Love Yourself, Find Yourself, and Love Under the Moon are some of the hit drama titles he has starred in. Although the personnel has left the agency, Victoria has revealed that f (x) has not disbanded.

  1. Kyulkyung / Zhou Jie Qiong

For fans of the Produce 101 series, of course, they already know this woman well. Yes, Kyulkyung is very popular as a member of IOI and also Pristin. Her beautiful face can make many netizens fall in love.

Although problems marred the termination of his contract with the Pledis Entertainment agency, now he has succeeded in pursuing a career in the country of his birth. In addition to being active as a singer, Kyulkyung also spread her wings in acting.

He debuted through the drama historical titled Miss Truth in 2020 and recently played drama latest drama, i.e., To Be With You.

  1. Cheng Xiao

Once achieved significant popularity in the Ginseng Country thanks to his ability to dance acrobatically, now Cheng Xiao is actively working in his own country. However, his active status as a member of WJSN is still being questioned by many netizens because he has not appeared in the group since 2018.

While focusing on his career in China, Cheng Xiao has been a dancer mentor on the talent search program Idol Producer and has starred in many other variety shows. He also successfully tried the world of acting.

Currently, his latest drama titled Falling Into Your Smile officially airs on June 23. In which, he became the opposite of the beautiful actor Xu Kai.

  1. Mei Qi

Like Cheng Xiao, Mei Qi is also a member of WJSN who has not performed in South Korea for a long time. Mei Qi once surprised fans with her participation as a trainee in the Chinese version of the survival program Produce 101.

Reaping success, she managed to get first place and debut again as a member of Rocket Girls, a group that only focuses on working in China.

Not only focusing on singing, but the 1998-born idol also had time to try out the big screen world by starring in several film titles such as Marna (2018), Autumn Fairy Tale (2019), and Jade Dynasty 1 (2019).

  1. Xuan Yi / Betty Wu

Xuang Yi also merupakanlah one idol China line in WJSN group. Just like the previous members, Xuan Yi participated as a Produce 101 China trainee. He managed to debut again as a member of Rocket Girls because he managed to get 2nd place.

Now Xuan Yi exists under the name Betty Wu in China. He is currently busy with various new drama projects. The drama titled Douluo Continent is a debut drama that aired in early 2021.

  1. Fei

Fei is Miss A, the second generation girl group under JYP Entertainment, which officially disbanded in 2017. The personnel is also known to have left the agency, including Fei.

He is a member from China who was born on April 27, 1987. Back in his hometown, Fei is still busy doing works in the field of singing and acting.

Cover the Sky, and Shall We Fall In Love are two Chinese drama titles that he has starred in.

Those are 6 K-Pop idols who are currently focusing on developing their careers in their own country, China. Not only careers as singers, but they are also increasingly spreading their wings in acting. I wish them success always, yes. Is your favorite idol on this list?

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